Latoken Exchange New Coin Airdrop | Value 10$

Join the Latoken exchange and get the BLOG coins. 10 BLOG coins will receive when the airdrop is finished and 1 coin price is almost 1$. Tasks are simple and easy so join now.

First of all, you need to signup at Latoken exchange.

Latoken Exchange Signup Link

Signup through your email and verify that

Now you need to join the bot and complete the simple tasks

BLOG Coin Bot

put email in the bot and then start the quiz
Quiz Correct Answers are:

1.Alagad (biomass) 2.$9.9b 3.yes 4.yes 5.yes 6.No 7.yes
8.Diatom solar Fuel cells 9.Biogae 10.Algae Farm


Join 10$ OXA Coin Airdrop

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