COCO Exchange Coin Airdrop | Value 30$

Join the COCO Exchange and get the 500 COCO coins. This coin’s value is almost 30$. Tasks are so simple and easy so join now.

First of all, you need to signup and fill the form.

COCO Signup Link

coco exchange form

You can fill the form through phone and also through email so verify that

Now login to your account

coco login

Login into your account

If you signup through email than click on the email and put the details and login

You need to complete the KYC and this is the most important step and when it is complete then you get the 500 COCO coin in your wallet.

So follow all the steps.

Select MINE and then click on USER CENTER

coco exchange user center

Now, first of all, bound the Google authentication and also Bound the Phone or Email

At the signup time, you will verify 1 thing so now complete the other option and after that complete the KYC.

coco exchange KYC

In the form of KYC, you need to submit simple details like your NAME and also other info and then submit the front of your ID CARD or another document and then submit an image of a paper in which you write the details like your name, domain name, today date.

In 24 hours your KYC is verified.

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